ASP Parking Study

  • Current State
    • 159 Public Meters Spaces in lot
      • 127 metered spaces
      • 32 “restricted” Newton North spaces (also used by public)
    • 116 spaces in private Star Market lot
    • Utilization
      • The “Study Area” includes 448 public spaces.
      • At peak lot is 94% full in study.  The “Study Area” is 78% full.
      • The study area include spaces over a 6 minute walk from Walnut street.*
      • The Star Market lot is 83% utilized at peak. 39% of this demand was non-Star-Market use.  Restriction of this use subsequent to the parking study pushes use into the public spaces
      • The study cites “average use”, which is not relevant when you are not there at below average times…
  • Proposed State*
    • 127 metered spaces replaced
    • 32 “Newton North” spots not replaced
    • 90 below grade spots added for residents and commercial
    • The proposal is 80 spaces short of zoning requirements
    • Between the zoning shortfall and the 32 lots North spots, the shortfall is 112 spots.
    • Parking of residents, customers, and employees in more convenient ground-level parking at peak times and on weekends likely raises the shortfall
    • Restriction of traditionally available Star Market spots likey raises the shortfall.
    • Zoning requires stalls to be 9ft wide and 19ft deep. The permit proposes “several” compact stalls.  The detailed plans show 33 spaces at 8 ft wide and the remainder at 8’6″, so none meet the 9ft requirement.  Only 49 are 19 ft deep with the remainder 17ft deep.
    • The net result is that the current parking lot as 44% more area for parking spaces than what is proposed.    The proposal has 30% less area for parking.  
    • The parking that is provided has a large portion situated at the far end of the lot that is currently occupied by the Goodwill truck.  That will be a long walk for seniors or for short errands.
  • Austin Street Parking
    Number Width Depth Sq Ft
    159 9 19 27189 144%
    Number Width Depth Area
    4 8.5 17 578
    41 8.5 19 6621.5
    51 8.5 17 7369.5
    4 8 19 608
    3 8 17 408
    20 8 17 2720
    4 8 19 608
    127 18913
    80% 70%
      • Parking will be underneath the building. It will be difficult to spot available spaces. Concern has been raised about personal safety with less visibility.
      • Retail spaces is added with no provision for parking of employees customers of that space
        • It is hoped that spaces freed up by residents might be used by employees during day.